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Most recording studios make a big deal about all their bells and whistles. They tell you about a particular computer system, their fancy leather sofas, and a bunch of other stuff most clients don't know anything about. Studio DD Recording is based on a simple idea. No matter how expensive the equipment and no matter how many buttons there are, they don't mean anything if you don't know how to use them.

Owner Darren Doyle is not a platinum-selling artist, but through his many years of touring, performing, and recording of professional music, he knows what the end result should be. Studio DD has helped many rising artists get their foot in the door, and established artists keep the door open.

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darren doyle - owner/producer/engineer

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The 1100 sq. ft. facility has a laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere, making it a great environment in which to create music.

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Professional Results - Affordable Rates

Really want to pay inflated prices for ridiculous decorating and over-kill set-ups? Go ahead, but it won't show up on your recording. At Studio DD, you'll be amazed at the quality you get for a low price.

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